"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

Friday, January 28, 2011

Well today is Hudson's 9 month birthday and he sure is getting big! He now weighs over 19 pounds and is rolling all over the place and talking nonstop! His favorites are mama and dada of course! This week was a big week for us! Tuesday we went to the OB and had an ultrasound of baby #2 and were thrilled to find out that we are going to have a little girl! They are sending me for a fetal echo of her heart in 2 weeks but saw nothing to be concerned about just want to confirm normal anatomy due to Hudson's history. On Wednesday, Hudson had a bronchoscopy and echo of his heart. The bronchoscopy went wonderful and his airway was wide open...therefore we will not need another bronchoscopy for at least 6 months...yay!! On the other hand, the echo didn't bring the same news. It showed that his conduit, (the synthetic graft in his heart serving the purpose of the pulmonary artery which delivers blood to his lungs), is already narrowing..something you expect to see after several years. After talking with the cardiologist, the current plan is to just keep a close eye on Hudson's heart and to repeat the echo in 4 months. We always knew the conduit would have to be replaced but this is rather early...they usually last several years so this was not the news we were expecting. Thank goodness we have a wonderful team of physicians watching out for our tough little cookie! Hudson is a trooper and you would never know what he has been through...he is a fighter! All is going well at the moment and we truly are blessed! Overall, each and every month gets better and more and more fun! There are always bumps in the road but nothing that we can't overcome with a little help!

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  1. A little girl is fun news... new colors!

    Hudson has done well and is a fighter and very lucky to have two parents who have provided him with the care he has needed... and in an upbeat way.

    So Hudson, does a polor bear hat make you cool? It does make you cute!